Get in touch with your deeper side...

Aqua Azul Divers and Blue Water Scuba Shack LLC has the staff, equipment, and experience to take you safely and confidently into the world below the waves. We offer courses from Open Water certification (C-Card) to Master Scuba Diver, and even Divemaster or Scuba Instructor if you so desire. Our classes are designed for the working person, and individual classes can be set up to meet any schedule. The open water portion of the training is like a weekend vacation, and many experienced divers go just for a fun weekend getaway!

I want to be scuba certified, what should I expect?
Scuba certification usually takes place over two weekends, consisting of an evening of classroom work, an evening of pool work, and then one or two days of diving in open water, typically at some of the area's clearest lakes or specialized dive facilities. Each student is required to purchase his or her own Mask, Fins, and Snorkel, all other equipment is provided free of charge with the class. Each student receives the individual attention nessecary due to the high number of instructors and Divemasters for each class. Safety, professionalism, and personal attention are what sets Aqua Azul Divers above the rest, and that is why we are the only PADI 5 Star dive center in the entire north texas area.
Once you've finished your class, you will have opened the doors to a world of adventure and exploration. Whether your interests lie in diving a relaxing shallow reef, experiencing the thrill of a shark dive, or exploring shipwrecks from the past, you'll be certified to dive just about anywhere in the world.

When you decide it's time to expand your knowledge and skill level, Aqua Azul Divers can provide you with the specialty and advanced certifications to take you where you want to go. We generally run two classes a month, and advanced certifications are available upon request. We also offer a free "Discover Scuba" class that allows you to suit up and experience scuba diving in the confines of an indoor heated pool before taking the plunge.

Are You Ready?

Call or come by the shop anytime and we'll get you signed up for the class that fits your schedule! If your not sure scuba diving is for you, sign up for a free discover scuba class. We'll teach you the basics, suit you up, and let you try it out in a comfortable indoor swimming pool.

Class Prices

Open Water Diver$325
Open Water Balmorhea (6 student min)$425
Adventure Diver (Advanced Open Water) $265
Rescue Diver $270
Dive Master $350 + books

Lodging and park fees are each students responsibility

Specialty Courses and Private Classes
CPR and Emergency First Responder courses - Call for details

PADI Courses Offered